Tuesday, July 03, 2007

반찬 예쁘죠?

멋있고 맛있는 반찬이다. 배가 고파지고 있다.

I have not eaten Korean food for months until recently when I ate a bowl of tuna ramyeon at "Hanpung" (한풍-韓風) along Upper Bukit Timah Road. Somehow I am already used to calling out tuna ramyeon as "chamchi ramyeon" (참치라면) . So when I placed my order with the owner who is a Korean, I just blurted out "chamchi ramyeon". However, he didn't seem to get what I said initially. Was my Korean pronunciation so bad or was he caught by surprise? Anyway what he did subsequently was to confirm with me, "you want tuna ramyeon?". (네, 맞죠.) I was replying in Korean in my mind but what actually came out of my mouth was a simple "yes". By the way, the tuna ramyeon here is more expensive than the 2,000-won a bowl ramyeon that I had in Seoul.

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