Sunday, July 01, 2007

잠프를 관람했다

"Jump" is in town. I wouldn't have miss it for the world after watching "Nanta". Not even when I received a SMS to go noraebang. The success formula of "Nanta" is well-mirrored in "Jump". The performers are skillful, the moves are well-choreographed, the jokes are hilarious, the lighting and sound are impactful and most importantly, the audience are part of the humour. Although it is said that "Jump" is a non-verbal Taekwondo performance, the performers do actually speak (in English of course as this is Singapore) and it is more than Taekwondo performance. In fact, the performance is a combination of Chinese martial arts, Taekwondo, gymnastics and breakdance. Talking about breakdance, I will want to watch "B-Boy" one of these days. I was quite sure everyone was entertained last night because we were clapping non-stop with the music beat as the performers made their final entry on stage for the night.

The Jump performance has brought me back to the Esplanade. I rarely visit the place on weekend because it is always crowded with people. Since I was there, I thought I might as well take a few pictures of the Singapore's night scenery. The Esplanade by the Singapore River is the most photographed site since it is a "must-visit" place for all tourists visiting Singapore.

Marina South's night skyline as seen from the Merlion Park

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