Sunday, July 08, 2007

사랑과 이별은...

It seems that love and separation are quite closely related. There are people who will go on a tour after separation to try to forget about the love that is just lost. This song, sang by Bae Seul Gi (배슬기-裵瑟琪) and Glassbox (琉璃箱子), is called "Yi Byeol Yo Haeng" (이별여행-離別旅行) or translated literally as "Separation Tour".

Something to learn from this Music Video - The sign language for "괜찮아요" (I'm okay) and "고마워요" (Thank you). Also when both of you get a bit romantic and decide to take a walk at the centre of a country road, always be reminded that a road is still meant for the car and not couple. Be aware of car coming from behind to spoil the mood.

What is the best sentence to say before separation? 마음 잘 아니까... (I guess you know my mind so ... ). Hmm... alright, don't think too much. Just appreciate the music video :)

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