Sunday, November 12, 2006


Click on the picture to see the flash animation

I first came across gamzadori in Song's blog. 감자 is potato and 도리(道理) is something like philosophy. 감자도리 or gamzadori means potato's philosophy. This gamzadori's flash animation is about 감자 which left on a trip to become a 고구마(sweet potato). 귀엽네요!


  1. Haha^^ Your analysis for its name is amazing, but I don't think it has much to do with '도리(道理)'.
    I think it simply comes from 감자돌이, pronounced as 감자도리. Just like 곰돌이, etc. (~돌이 is used to make simple nicknames.)
    I've searched for why its name is 감자도리, but there wasn't any good informations.
    Probably it was named just because the cute characther looks like 감자(round, small, cute... (?)).

    Anyway, thanks for the flash animation. It's really cute^^

  2. Thanks to all for leaving your comments. =)

    Song, I thought 감자, though simple looking is quite philosophical. That was why I interpreted gamzadori as potato's philosophy. I think your explanation is correct. Thanks for the information. ^^