Monday, July 05, 2010

시원해지는 방법

Summer evening at Cheonggyecheon (near Dongdaemun)

It's summer and I think there is a need for a simple guide on how to stay cool in the midst of soaring temperature.


1. Cold noodle
2. Ice cream or popsicle
3. Dessert like patbingsu, snow ice or yogurt
4. Watermelon
5. Samgyetang

Buckwheat noodle served in clear broth and crushed ice

A quarter of a watermelon sold at 3,000won

Patbingsu topped with a scoop of ice cream

Snow ice served with cut fruits

Go to

1. Beach
2. Water theme park
3. River, stream or lake
4. Water fountains
5. Public swimming pool

Enjoying cool sea water and breezes at Haeundae Beach

Table, chairs and legs all inside the cool stream water

Free water fun at Gwanghwamun Square's fountains

Last but not least, watch horror movie. If you are not convinced that horror flick can cool you down, think of these: Watching the horror scenes will send a "shiver down your spine" and "freeze you in fear".

If you do not know, cinemas in Korea will, without fail, screen horror movies every summer. People like the 'cooling sensation' of being frightened. For the same reason, you won't find horror movies during winter unless someone want to be frozen in fear literally. By the way, the Korean horror movie coming to a screen near you this summer is called " The Blood Pledge". Watch out for it.


  1. No matter how Koreans explain it, eating hot foods like 삼계탕 seems illogical to me when you're trying to cool down. :)

    I guess, to each his own.

  2. yum all of that looks good! i only had 삼계탕 so far xD

  3. @ Jibril, I think the perspiration from eating samgyetang is supposed to cool you down. If not, at least it is a healthy and nutritious food.

    @ Shanna, At the rate you are going, I think you need to call up the airline and postpone your departure date by one month.

  4. Jibril,

    Haha, even many koreans like myself don't know what it means by "cooling down" feeling when we eat some hot foods! It's just one of old expressions that koreans use I guess. :-)