Wednesday, July 28, 2010

헤어지지 않음

"다시 태어나면 나무가 될거야"

"나무가 될거야 한번 뿌리를 내리면 다시는 움직이지 않는 나무가 될거야 그래서 다시는 누구하고도 헤어지지 않을거야."

"I want to be a tree; I want to be a tree that won't move once its roots are laid. So, I won't have to part with anyone ever again.", said Eun Seo in the drama "Autumn in My Heart".


In summer, I like to walk in the shade of trees (나무그늘). I don't want to part with '나무그늘'. I don't think anyone will like to walk in the open under hot sun.


  1. 안녕 선배님

    I remembered this phrase too! Classic verse that I still recall from this very first K-drama I watched.

    Im really tempted by your photos recently, to go Korea now!^^


  2. I still remember this famous line :) As i was quite ignorance when i first watched this drama,i don't understand the meaning behind this line.

    why would someone wants to be a tree.Isn't forever a scary word?:P

  3. Hi Xaviere,
    Yes, it's a classic line.
    Frankly, I didn't watch much of that drama.
    I managed to catch the line becos' it was repeated many times in the drama.
    If you do not know, the tree in the photo is the original tree that appeared in the drama.

    Annyeong Anon,
    I think the wish to be a tree is not to be forever but to be together, no?

  4. Don't know the drama, but I like your interpretation - and your blog by the way.

  5. Thank you. I wasn't into writing much these days. My blog is getting boring. All I am doing now is to keep it afloat with some old pictures.