Tuesday, July 06, 2010


I am not a gourmet. I won't go around looking for good food, let alone queuing up for them. However, I do go back for good food and they need not be excellent, just good food will do. My standard is not very high to begin with.

I was a regular customer of "The Story of Porridge" (죽이야기) because it is very near to my dorm. I like their "Mushroom and Vegetable Porridge". A bowl costs 6,000won (~S$7) which is relatively expensive. But if I compare it to "Abalone Porridge" (their most popular porridge) which costs 12,000won (~S$14), the price looks quite decent. Fortunately, I am not a big fan of abalone. The other porridge chain, "The Original Porridge" (본죽), sells only "Vegetable Porridge" (without mushroom) for 6,000won. So I think it is more worthwhile eating in 죽이야기. I have lost count of the times I had been there.

I was also a regular customer of "Omurice" (It can't get any simpler) because it is near my campus. My favourite dish is called the "Roll Sausage Omurice" which costs 6,500won (~S$7.50). I like how the roll sausage was pan-fried till slightly charred. A scoop of omurice followed by a slice of sausage was a perfect combination. In Singapore, omurice simply means plain white rice (not fried rice) topped (not wrapped) with omelette. I think that's doing omurice a great injustice. I prefer the omurice in "Omurice". Somehow, I feel there is passion in their cooking.

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