Sunday, June 27, 2010


If you never think sky is beautiful, you should really find a chance to look at the clear blue sky of autumn. Things on earth look more alluring with autumn sky as backdrop.

Blue autumn sky in Kyunghee

Clear autumn sky in Daegwallyeong


  1. wow autumn looks good! (: I'm in the yonsei dorms now! :D loving korea so far. it feels nice to be able to get around and talk in korean the entire day! ^^

    i can feel my speaking skills improving alot even though my lessons have not start! xD

  2. you must be feeling great now.
    i can feel it too.

    it's going to get very hot and wet.
    i believe monsoon season has started.

    remember to eat samgyetang this coming 'sambok'.
    also, pay a visit to the annual mud festival at boryeong.

    enjoy yourself!

  3. thanks! ^^ i had samgyetang on the first day but i'm definitely gg to have it again. But i'm still not used to the huge portions in korea >.<

  4. Some say 토속촌삼계탕 is the best in Seoul. Don't know how true. I've never been there.