Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Koreans like to do things together. Social bonding is important to them. They enjoy eating, singing, drinking, bathing and sleeping in big group. Because of this, being made an outcast or loner is considered a harsh punishment socially. Koreans have a special term for this group of people whom they call "왕따" (pronounced 'Wang Da', 译音: 王大). It will be a sad thing if you are being labelled "왕따" in Korea. But, the fortunate thing is, to be made a "왕따" is very hard in the first place.

난 왕따 당하는 양이다. I am a "왕따", boo~

We are so happy together. See my smiling face?

Together forever. Happy happy.

Sorry for being anthropomorphic but these sheeps do look 'emotional'. By the way, you can have a close encounter with them at the children's zoo in Seoul Grand Park. These amiable sheeps will eat any grass you hold out to them. It is unlikely they will ignore you.


  1. ahh! xD so cute! :D

  2. These sheep have friendly face.You can barely see their eyes.Simply Adorable :)


  3. good info...
    specially i liked the pics of sheep :)