Tuesday, June 01, 2010

해금의 대명사

If you have heard of 'haegeum' (해금, 奚琴), you probably would have also heard of '꽃별' (Ccotbyeol). First, about haegeum. Haegeum is a Korean traditional musical instrument which looks and sounds very much like the Chinese 'Er-hu'. It was originally a musical instrument belonging to a tribe called 'Hae' which inhabited the northern region of China. Record of haegeum's existence was traced back to the Goryeo period. Next, 꽃별. 꽃별 is the name of an accomplished haegeum player in Korea. Literally translated, 꽃별 means 'flower star'. She is equally at home with both traditional and contemporary music. However, I am more familiar with her contemporary numbers.

꽃별 with her haegeum

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to watch 꽃별 performed 'live' twice. Both times, I was mesmerised by her music. It was like 꽃별 was telling a story from a long forgotten time through her haegeum. The sound of haegeum seemed to have the power to penetrate the deepest part of my feeling and thought. Even after the music had stopped, I could sense the 'rippling' of my heart.

Dear - 꽃별, 꽃별3집 'Fly Fly Fly'

꽃별 also played the OST track '비익련리' for the highly-rated Korean drama 'Chuno' (추노). I think this is probably the closest many foreigners would get to know her.

비익련리 (比翼連里) - 꽃별, 추노(推奴) OST

(听完《比翼連里》后,联想白居易《长恨歌》里"在天愿作比翼鸟, 在地愿为连理枝"所引起的澎湃,久久无法消散)

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  1. i like this OST and Chuno drama.Never know haegum can sound this wonderful :)