Saturday, June 05, 2010

붉은 악마

In a football match, fans are as important as the players. The supporters of the Korea's national football team call themselves the 'Red Devils'. In Korea, 'Red Devils' (붉은 악마, pronounced as '불근 앙마']) is not merely a term, it is a culture. A simple proof is the Teddy Bear's Museum at Namsan included 'Red Devils' as one of its exhibits on Korea's modern culture.

To be a 'Red Devil', I guess you will have to wear red and learn to shout "Dae-Han-Min-Gook". Face paintings and 'horns' are optional though. In depth understanding of the game is also not required.

By next week, the 'Red Devils' will be set loose again as the Korea's national football team seeks to repeat the glory of World Cup 2002 at the South Africa's World Cup 2010.

With so much support back home, I think the Korea team should at least advance to the quarter-final so as not to disappoint their fans. To have a sense of the degree of support the team is enjoying back home, just watch the music videos below. With so much hype, you may be forgiven for thinking that Korea is hosting World Cup 2010.

"We Are One" - HAM [Credits: koreanpride2]

"Victory Korea" - Super Junior [Credits: sment]

"We Are The One" - T-ara [Credits: ThearmtvpHD]

"We Are With You" - Kara [Credits: ThearmtvpHD]

"Dreams Again" - After School [Credits: misocha]

"The Shouts of Reds" - Big Bang & Kim Yuna [Credits: taijizero2]

"The Shouts of Reds" - Trans Fixion [Credits: TheArirangseoul]

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