Sunday, November 29, 2009

케이팝의 미래

There are so many girl groups in Korea these days that you will be forgiven if you do not know many of them. It is not an accidental occurrence. There is a well-oiled machinery behind that is constantly discovering, training and debuting star-wannabes. The queue is probably very long for people wanting a share of fame. But I not so sure about fortune because it is known that Korean entertainment company takes a big cut of their artistes' earnings.

Anyways, I saw this very young girl group called "Sweety". The youngest looks like she has just started elementary school and there she was singing and dancing. I was asking what was I doing when I was her age. As they are all very young, I was tempted not to take them seriously but they could really sing, rap and dance like any entertainers older than them and they are not singing children songs for that matter. Through them, you can probably see the future of Kpop.

Girls' Generation

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