Friday, November 27, 2009

걸 그룹 - 애프터 스쿨

Immediately after "After School" finished singing "Ah", the stadium ruptured into a deafening chanting of "Diva, Diva, Diva..." (Diva was their new song then). They obliged with the request and everyone joined in the singing of "오늘 밤 매일 밤..." or something like that. They won the audience over with their fast tracks and energetic dance moves.

One of their members, Uee, is all the rage now for her "honey thigh" (꿀허벅지). I think it means fleshy and well-toned thigh. No picture of her honey thigh though because she wore pants during the concert.


  1. i like UEE. just finished watching 미남이시네요 and i must say she's really good in her role XD

  2. she is 'everywhere' these days.