Saturday, November 07, 2009

첫눈 언제 오니?

If I am still in Seoul, there is one thing I will be waiting for now and that is the first snow this winter. In 2007, first snow came on 19 Nov and last year, it was 20 Nov. If there is no abnormality in weather, first snow should come in a few weeks time.

Alley covered in thin snow outside my dormitory

It is not just snow that I like, I like cold dessert too. One of the places where I got my fix was my school's cafeteria. A bowl with toppings costs KRW4,500 (~SGD5.30). For the same price, I won't get that much of yogurt here and I can also forget about the toppings. 바가지를 쓰기 싫어 (I dislike paying through nose).

This KRW4,500 yogurt sold at my school's cafeteria come with a handsome serving of yogurt and toppings.


  1. My Korean teacher asked in the class which season do we like. I said Winter, haha...but she said Winter is so cold, nobody wants to go out. For for a Singaporean... winter is so beautiful, snow is so amazing,I miss winter....

  2. we may think snow is nice but they consider it irritating. well, i guess if you have too much of something, it can never be nice.

  3. Was it snowing on 20 Nov last year? I was in Seoul celebrating my birthday that particular day and I remembered it was raining. Did I miss the snow somehow? :(

  4. i think there was some slight snowing.

  5. aigu~~ shame that I missed it then. Good thing though we manage to catch some snow in Jeju. Personally I like autumn best. Winter is really too cold to do anything.

    BTW, any idea how will Seoul weather be like in mid March?

  6. due to global warming, weather is hard to predict these days. mid march can feel like winter (temp near zero) or summer (temp above 25). i don't think this help but you just have to prepare for weird weather pattern during seasonal change.