Tuesday, November 17, 2009

사진을 살펴 보자

Sometimes, photos capture more details than you expect, just like the two below. With no disrespect to my classmates, I am not going to talk about them, at least for this post. I am more interested in what was written on the blackboard behind them.

The writings on the blackboard behind my Japanese classmate was written by my teacher. It says, a fine system is (officially) introduced on Jan 29 (2009), Thursday. Latecomer will be fined 1,000won and absentee 2,000won.

A few weeks after the system was implemented, our class's secretary collected enough money to buy pizza for everyone.

The writings on the blackboard behind my Chinese classmate are guidelines on how we should conduct our current affairs' presentation. First, we need to introduce our selected article to the class. Next, it will be article reading. After that, we have to summarise and explain the article briefly. We also need to explain difficult words (when required). Finally, we have to think about the problems and issues that are related to our article.

There was a lot of stress preparing for the presentation but it was worth my effort because I got an 'A' grade for it.

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