Wednesday, September 03, 2008

문화수업 - 한국영화

Date: 13 Aug 08 (Wednesday)
Venue: Cheongungwan, 청운관 (靑雲館)

Our third cultural lesson was on Korean movie. By Aug 13, 삼복더위 (hottest month of summer) was almost coming to an end but the weather was still very warm. The classroom at Cheongungwan didn't have the aircon running before we entered. So we had free sauna for like half an hour or more before the room cooled down.

Our teacher-in-charge, Ms Park, downloading movie files.

The movie selected for our lesson was "묻지마 패밀리" (Direct translation: Don't Ask Family) or "No Comment", produced in 2002. The movie is supposed to be a comedy and it comprises three short stories. We were only shown the third story which is titled "교회누나" (Church's Elder Sister). Our teacher did some explanation about the term "교회누나". In Korea, church is a common place where many people found their future partners. A guy will address a lady who is older than him and whom he met at the church as "교회누나". Not surprisingly, "교회오빠" is also used.

The plot of the movie goes something like this. 영일 is serving national service. During one of his off-days, he met up with his 교회누나, a married woman whom he met in church many years ago. Although, they have mutual affection for one another back then, 영일's 교회누나 ended up marrying another guy. The meeting between two of them was the first after quite some time.

영일 meeting his 교회누나, a married woman, during his off-day.

After we completed watching the movie, we were required to find a partner and practised the mushy dialogue (see dialogue below). Reading out the dialogue was itself a comedy. We couldn't stop laughing. When we were done with our practice, our teacher picked two groups of people to read out the dialogue to the class. We had another round of good laugh.

Students reading out the mushy dialogue from the movie to the class.

영일: 누나, 나 뭐 하나 물어봐도 돼?
누나: 뭐?
영일: 행복해?
누나: 어, 행복해.
영일: 행복하구나. 나 옛날에 누나 되게 좋아했었는데. 그거 알아?
누나: 알아.
영일: 아는구나
누나: 나도 너 좋아했었어.
영일: 누나, 내가 누나 정말 사랭했는데, 그거 알아?
누나: 나도 너 사랭했었어. 사랭했었다구.
영일: 누나가 사랑한단 말 먼저 했었어도 내가 말없이 군대 가지 않았어
누나: 영일아, 너 모르지. 나 말 못했어.
영일: 왜 누나 결혼식에 가지 못했는지 알아? 누나가 그 사람하고 결혼하는 걸 내가 어떻게 봐? 누나 행복하지?
누나: 사랑해.
영일: 진짜 행복한 거지? 계속 행복해. 계속 행복해야 돼. 근데 만약에 살다가 안 행복해지면 그땐 나한테 편지 써. 꼭 편지 써. 나 누나 편지 기다릴게. 아무 때고 상관없거든. 아무 때고 상관없거든. 그 때 바로 얘기해. 만약에 행복하면 하지 마. 행복하면 하지 마!
누나: 나중에 나중에 우리 꼭 다시 만나자. 사랑해.
영일: 이주희! 사랑한다, 이주희!
역무원: 지금 이 기차는 여기가 종점이에요. 내리세요.

Up to this point, you probably won't understand why this movie is a comedy. I had to follow the movie to the end before I kinda agreed that it should be classified as a comedy. You see, after meeting his 교회누나, 영일 was supposed to return to his army unit. 영일's 교회누나 was at the train station to send him off. As 영일 was too shy to reveal his true feeling to his 교회누나, he ran up a stationary train and sought cover behind the train window. It was through the train window that the above mushy dialogue between two of them was said. So just when all feelings were pouring out without inhibition, you have this train station master who went on air and broadcast: Now, this station is the last stop for this train. Please get out of it! You may want to watch the movie below to realise how funny the sudden change in mood is.

This will be my last posting on cultural lesson. There won't be a posting on Taekwondo. 땡땡이 쳤거든요, which means I was absent from the lesson. ^^


  1. Shouldn't it be 땡땡을 instead of 이?

  2. 땡땡이 치다 is correct. 땡땡이 is the object and not 땡땡. The particle '를' can be inserted after 땡땡이 but it is usually omitted. Since my explanation is kinda misleading, I have removed it.

  3. Hmm...when I read the dialogue aloud (before reading your explanation below), I was on the verge of tearing - coz it reminded me so much of so many sad korean stories whre things were said to each other , kinda late. So sad. I am such kind of person you dialogue also can cry one.

    But now that you said that it's a comedy, Hmmmm...I think i need to watch this.

  4. ㅍㅎㅎㅎ
    thanks for sharing this.. I had a good a laugh while imagining the scenario that you described so well.. hope to catch this movie someday. ^^