Saturday, March 29, 2008


It was a cold and wet day in Seoul. My first meal upon arriving in Seoul was Mac's Big Breakfast.

Idling in Coffee Beans in Daehnagno while waiting to have lunch with friend at Insadong.

In the afternoon, I was off to Jinhae. Took KTX from Seoul and transfered to Mugunghwa at Miryang Station to reach the final destination - Masan Station.

Waited at Platform 5 for the KTX to arrive. Departure time was 16:30.

Arrived at Miryang Station at 18:47 and waited for the Masan-bound Mugunghwa which arrived at 19:07.

The KTX sped past Miryang Station. The force of wind created by its high speed was kinda strong.


  1. 사진들이 정말 멋지네요. 한국에서 공부하시나 봐요. 열심히 하세요.

  2. Hey , you are back in Seoul. How nice ...

  3. Kaye, 알았어.다음에 많이 올릴게

    Kiseok, 칭찬해줘서 고마워요. 이번에는 공부하는 것 아니라 여행하러 한국에 갔어요.

    Solelyseoul, yup I'm back... but for a short while only ^^