Friday, March 21, 2008

고급2반으로 가자

Yesterday marked the last day of this semester. I didn't intend to complete the Advanced 1 course as I have previously planned to enrol for the Kyunghee's 3-week Spring course this March. Since the plan didn't materialise, here I am, completing A1 course at SKS for the second time in a year. The course started with 13 registered students but ended with only five. As a comparison, my previous A1 class ended with only me and myself. Unlike NEX which requires at least 10 students to start a course, 5 students are enough in SKS. This means that I will finally get to attend A2 course next semester. Hurhurhur, *grin*.

Next, I shall introduce our classroom. It is located at Block B, 3-02. Actually, SKS is only one U-shaped building. For some unknown reason, it names its 3 sides, Block A, B and C, even though they are all connected. Our classroom is used by the primary 5 students during the day. It has a rather humble setting and sometimes I felt like I am attending lesson in some village school in Korea. Wooden desks and chairs, which have long disappeared from the classrooms of Singapore schools, are still used. Projector, which has almost become a standard equipment in any Singapore classroom, is absent. Teacher continues to conduct lesson using markers and whiteboard. Despite the slight discomfort of having to sit on chair meant for children, I quite like our classroom. It is simple, functional and best of all, Hangeul can be seen all around the room.

Two cute-looking cards pasted on the whiteboard to remind teacher to write down the name of the lesson unit 단원명(單元名) and the learning objectives 학습목표(學習目標).

Another cute-looking card pasted on the door to remind students to close the door after them - without fail.

Through words and pictures, a student from the previous primary 5 class recalling her memorable time spent with her class.

Calligraphy artworks by the Korean students, pasted on one side of the classroom wall. 푸른산 흰구름 is translated as "green mountain white cloud".

Wooden desks and chairs are rare sight in Singapore these days. While there are many desks and chairs in the classroom, only eight are arranged. There are only seven Korean students in the day and on Tue and Thu night, there are only five of us. The classroom looks empty but spacious.

Lastly, I got myself another set of A1 result slip and certificate but they are not exactly the same as the last. Compared with my previous set, the differences are: for the result, I got one more percentage point and the course certificate is signed by our new principal, Mr Kwon Byoung Jhin. Two rounds of A1 are more than enough. Now for A2. 고급2반으로 갑시다!


  1. Congratulation on you achievement!

    I had studied Korean Language at SKS before and I understanding what you had described.

    I do not have a good impression of the teaching and management of the course at SKS though.

    Well Done in keeping up to you plan.

  2. 噢!我怀念的小木桌与小木椅。。。

  3. Anony, thanks ^^

    Milyway, 如果怀念,就回来吧!木桌和和木椅会等你的。^^