Sunday, March 23, 2008

트럭 한 대의 배

Caught sight of this truckload of pear in Daehangno.

Naju (나주, 羅州) in Jeollanam-do (전라남도, 全羅南道) is famous for its pear just like Jeju is famous for its tangerine (귤,橘) or Geumsan (금산, 錦山) for its ginseng. Apparently, for agricultural products, brand is not as important as its origin. Anyway, my teacher used to say that boiling Korean pear together with honey and ginger in water produces a concoction that is very benign to our throat. I have tried it a few times and it is quite effective against cough. However, more often than not, I ended up taking cough syrup as preparing the concoction is a bit troublesome.

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