Tuesday, January 29, 2008

한 국기만 찾고 싶었다

Hundreds of national flags were fluttering in the wind - a majestic sight to behold in the Olympics Park. I walked along a semi-circle path, which was lined with flag poles on both sides, searching for only one flag. No prize for guessing which flag I was looking out for. I am proud of my country but equally critical about its shortcomings. For one, I dislike our government for over-regulating to the extent of stifling people's ingenuity and creativity. Next, I disagree that carrying placards and standing quietly at one corner of a busy street to express regret or unhappiness over issues close to one's heart can undermine social stability and investors' confidence. I also regret that people have to make to "swallow" the explanation that having two operators for MRT and bus services can lead to "competition" and hence better outcomes but only to realise later that travel fee is increased and frequency and bus routes are reduced. I see myself as a parent who is willing to take a cane and hit my child in the hope that he or she will change and become a better person. People are the parents of this country and not the government. So allow me to be critical about my country because I have a stake in its future. Parents who always think that their children are the best and chide anyone who dare to say otherwise are going to ruin their future.


  1. 有同感。。。我们居住的社会仿佛是一个经过特别消毒的地方。。。每个人都被给予不错的抗体。。。循着被规划的轨道走着。。。表面虽好。。。感觉却非常压抑。。。生活素质与精神素质成相对比。。。一个富足一个匮乏。。。

  2. a country is defined by its people and government, without which it would merely be a piece of land...

    so my dislike for singapore is not for the place itself, but the social environment as a whole.

    i hope that one day singapore will become a place that i will want to return to... but i'm not sure if that will happen while i am still alive. :(

    change takes time...

  3. 银河系,社会如何如何都好,但人民不能成为井底之蛙。

    k, dun worry, thats why i'm here mah. ㅋㅋㅋ