Wednesday, June 27, 2007

지난 토요일의 모임

Alfresco dining experience at Cafe Seven Four, Apgujeong

Well... the photo has no direct relation to what I am about to write. I post it anyway because it gives the mood for a get-together.

Last Saturday, we have an end-of-course gathering for the Post-Advanced class. After our last lesson ended at 4pm. The class together with our teacher, Ms Chi, went over to The Coffee Connoisseur (TCC) at the Atrium to have a drink. The place was crowded but we were lucky to get all twelve of us to sit together. We only sat at the cafe for about one hour before making our way to the Singapura Seafood Restaurant at Selegie House. We have our dinner reserved at 6pm.

For the dinner we have cold crab, black pepper crab, horny pork ribs, claypot beancurd, grilled clam, steamed sea bass, fried prawn roll, stir-fried "kailan" (vegetable) and "or-ni" (a dessert made from yam). We chit-chatted (수다를 떨다) throughout the evening until we called it a day at 9pm. There was nothing special about the gathering except that it was probably the first time the class actually got the chance to talk to one another. It is a pity that we don't do it for all the courses.

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