Friday, June 29, 2007

서울의 황혼

Seoul at twilight. It's strange that Seoul can look so peaceful.

Finally it is Friday night again. I am all drained. If I can just wish, I hope that my mind is a penta-core processor that can handle up to five different threads of work simultaneously. Anyway only three months have passed since I came back but I am already itching to go back. But I guess I will have to wait a little while longer. Sometimes there is this fleeting thought that tell me to just go because life is too short to afford a second chance. But being a pragmatic person, I need to work out my sum carefully. After some calculation and analysing, the high opportunity cost simply kills any hope of me leaving my job for one full year to study Korean. It is better off financially if I just make multiple short study trips. Whatever it is, I will have to stave off thinking about subsequent plan as July is a critical month in which I need to meet multiple deadlines. Perhaps to ensure that I am motivated enough to "survive" the next month, I shall just aim to see the first snow this winter for the time being.


  1. Hey great snap.
    I was in Seol long time back, in 1999. reminded me of that.