Saturday, June 16, 2007

장마절 됐다

Raining in Seoul. Picture taken on March 2, 2007, inside an airport limousine bus, while on my way to Cheongnyangni.

It finally rains today in Singapore. The rain in June reminds me of the monsoon season or "chang ma jeol" (장마절) in Korea. June is a month in which rainfall in Korea far exceeds that of other months in a year. It will be nice if there is more raining in the next few days in Singapore. The scorched land badly needs something to cool it down.

Do do you know what Koreans think of eating when it rains? Our teacher told us that rain makes Koreans think of eating "Pajeon" (Spring Onion Pancake). So whenever it rains, the Pajeon business will do very well. Why is that so? It is because the sparking sound of the oil frying the Pajeon is very similar to the sound make by raindrops hitting the ground. Due to this association, Pajeon is also known as "weather food" or "날씨 음식".

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