Friday, April 20, 2007

아직 그만두지 않아

These days I have too much things to worry about. Whether I like it or not, stress is here to stay. I used to tell my boss, "Don't worry about me. If I think I cannot cope anymore, I will quit."

Personally, I don't see quitting as a sign of weakness. I once saw this "demotivational" poster which said it all. Quitters don't win. Winners don't quit. But if you don't win and don't quit, you are an idiot.

All said, I am not about to quit anything. I think I understand stress enough to tame it. At least it is not wreaking havoc to my health yet. Stress is like a raging bull. The only way to tame it, as I was told, is to hold it by its horn. But if I am losing grip, I can always quit to fight any day.

The photo below was taken when I was on my way to Hangang Park at Yeouido Naru. I like the feeling that day. It was stress-free. I wish I can have more of such feeling. Hopefully I don't have to wait until I am old and weak.

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