Saturday, April 14, 2007

짜장면의 이야기

Today is Black Day. Lacking of other nice thing to blog about, I thought I shall just write about Jjajangmyeon (짜장면-炸酱面).

I ate the first bowl of Jjajangmyeon of my lifetime at Bukgyeong Yori (북경요리-北京料理), an eating house near KHU which serves mainly Chinese cuisine. I must say it was "love at first bite". The noodle was of just the right texture. It was not soggy and it gave very good chewing sensation. The rich and starchy black-bean sauce added with sliced onions and bit-sized chicken meat was so flavourful and tasty.

When the Jjajangmyeon was served, the noodle was actually covered under a thick layer of black-bean sauce. The next thing to do was to mix the noodle and the sauce well with the chopsticks until the noodle could soak up a fair bit of the sauce. With that done the Jjajangmyeon was ready to be eaten.

One bowl of Jjajangmyeon like this cost 3,000won (S$5). One can actually ask for home delivery service for Jjajangmyeon in Korea like what we can do for pizza and fast-food in Singapore.

If someone can make such delicious Jjajangmyeon in Singapore, it can well be a run-away hit. Add in that delivery service, it shall be selling like hot cake. If I know the secret recipe to making good Jjajangmyeon I probably give "laksa", "cha kueh teow" and "lor mee" a run for their money and fame.


  1. Shall skip black day and look forward to - May 14, Rose Day.


  2. Sure. Whatever the day, just be happy :)

  3. hi,can u give me direction to the restaurant from hoegi station? tried googling with the name,but wasn't sure.Thnx

  4. it will be too complicated to give the direction because the eatery is in one of the lanes.

    you can actually find jjajangmyeon in any chinese eatery.