Tuesday, April 24, 2007

홍대에 가봐

I was first introduced to Hongik University or Hongdae in my Sogang Korean Language textbook. My teacher told us that there are four famous universities in Sinchon area. They are Sogang, Yonsei, Ewha and Hongik. I have since visited all except Yonsei. No particular reason why I left Yonsei out. It was just because I didn't have enough time. As stated in a tourist brochure which I took from the Korean Tourism Organisation main office, Hongdae is one of the favourite hangouts for young Koreans. The streets in the vicinity of Hongdae are lined with unique clubs, performance, shopping and eateries. I visited Hongdae on a Saturday evening and I remembered vividly that I have to squeeze my way through the crowd to get out of the subway station.

Inside Hongik Univeristy campus

Hongdae's football field in early Spring

This slope leads out of Hongdae. There is no main gate at Hongdae.

A nice cafe called "Banana Swing" located beside Hongdae Flea Market

Another nice glasshouse cafe called "Avenue"

This is a noraebang. A nice hang-out after class.

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