Thursday, January 24, 2013

희망 . 일출

Sunrise at Jeongdongjin : 7:39am

One hour before sunrise, thousands of people had already gathered at the beach. The tide was rising. Once in while, people who were too caught up in taking photos by the sea had their shoes drenched in cold sea water when a sudden freak wave swept high up the shore. Although wind was not as strong as the day before, temperature was at a freezing -12°C.

Weather forcast predicted a cloudy sky on New Year's Day and sunrise might be blocked. The unfavourable forcast deterred no one. Everyone remained hopeful. As seconds ticked away, the crowd at the beach swelled.

Date: 1 Jan 2013, Time: 7:16am

Looking east, the horizon started to brighten. Pinkish hue spread slowly across the sky over Donghae (East Sea). As the time of sunrise approached, an image of an omega sunrise appeared in my mind in anticipation. At 7:39am, any hope of seeing the sunrise was squashed. The crowd started to disperse as the greyish sky brighten in a new year.

Date: 1 Jan 2013, Time: 7:42am

Hope is like sunrise, it is always there regardless of good or bad day, if you see it or not. Happy 2013!


  1. 안녕! I didn't managed to see the sunrise as it was cloudy the time I was there. :(


  2. Hi Xaviere,

    Now I know it's not easy to see the sunrise at Donghae.
    A few of my friends, despite living in Korea for several years, have yet to see a proper sunrise on New Year's Day. If it was not cloudy, it snowed.

  3. Hi, do you know if the train to jeongdongjin from seoul is direct? And any particular line that I hv to indicate when buying ticket? Could not find much infor. Thanks

    1. Hi Daphne, you can take a direct train to Jeongdongjin from Cheongnyangni Station in Seoul. You don't have to indicate the line, you just tell the ticketing staff you want to go to Jeongdongjin.