Wednesday, January 09, 2013

겨울의 빛

My "search" for the winter lights ended with the Holdman Lighting Show at Paju Provence. This is how winter should be - snow, colourful lights and sub-zero temperature. Very cold, beautiful and serene.


  1. Hello there! I would love to witness this. Will be in Seoul this coming Dec. Any advice in terms of transportation to Paju from Seoul? Can I make it in a day trip? Thanks in advance for ur help.

  2. Hello, I've checked Paju Provence's and KTO's homepage and there is still no announcement of Holdman Lighting Show this year. Not too sure if you will get to see the lighting show this year. Anyway, there is no problem making a day trip to Paju.

    According to KTO homepage, you can take the bus #2200 from Hapjeong station (Seoul Subway line 3, Exit #1, #2). Get off at "Seongdong Intersection" and then walk 10-15min to Provence. Hope this helps.