Saturday, July 20, 2013

뢰머 광장 (Römerberg)

Grey clouds blanketed the sky as I walked by the side of the Main River. Soon, raindrops fell but they were so fine that it was not worth the effort opening an umbrella. Nobody ran for the shelter either. There was a sense of calmness by the riverside that was in contrast with the bustling financial centre nearby. After an idyllic afternoon walk on both sides of the river, I turned back into the city and came to a cobblestone square which I know later as Römerberg.

I learned that Römerberg is the old centre of Frankfurt, with a history that dates back to the middle ages. Since the 9th century, it has been the site of markets, fairs, festivals, tournaments, executions, imperial elections and coronations.

On one side of the square is a medieval building with crow-stepped gable design called the Römer (Roman in German). It has been the town hall and landmark of Frankfurt since the 15th century. On the opposite side, stood a row of German framed houses restored in the 80s. Cafes and restaurants operate at the front of the buildings. In the centre of the square, you would find the Fountain of Justice with a statue of Justice carrying a sword and a balance.

The Römerberg is one of those must-visit places in Frankfurt and one very good reason being ... (read till the end to find out)

The Römer, the town hall of Frankfurt with crow-stepped gable design that dates back to Middle Ages

Statues of the four kaisers of the Holy Roman Empire on the facade of the Römer

Römerberg with a row of restored German frame houses at one end

Restaurants, cafés and smaller shops can be found at the square itself and in the vicinity.

People watching is a good pastime, no?

Fountain of Justice in the centre of the square, but no water though.

Old St Nicholas Church, Romerberg

Statue of Justice with unbound eyes carrying a scale and sword surrounded by colourful blooms

... the annual Frankfurt's Christmas Market. Just looking at the picture (unabashedly "stolen" from the Frankurt Tourism's website) makes me drool. The giant Christmas tree, the merry-go-round and the lightings are just so Christmasy. The market will be open from 27 November to 22 December this year. Hope to be there someday.

Frankurt's Christmas Market at Römerberg (click to enlarge picture)


  1. nice photographs! i have not looked at the city that way. i am wondering why of all cities did you visit frankfurt?

    1. The simple answer is there is direct flight to Frankfurt from Singapore.