Monday, July 29, 2013

취하는 이유

There are many things in life that can intoxicate you other than alcohol - things like a poignant story, a sweet melody or a beautiful scenery...

I joined a local tour to River Rhine over the weekend. It was an hour journey from Frankfurt to Assmannshäusen, a town by the River Rhine, in the Upper Middle Rhine Valley. It is famous for its red wine made from Spätburgunder (Pinot noir), a type of black wine grape, grown at its Assmannshäuser Höllenberg vineyard.

Our day started with a chairlift ride. We passed through a corridor bordered by lush greenery, with birds chirping in the woods, before the view in front of us opened up to present River Rhine, Assmannshäusen town and the vast Assmannshäuser Höllenberg vineyard. The majestic Castle Rheinstein stood guard at the opposite bank of the river.  It was a breathtaking introduction.

Before getting onto the River Rhine ferry, we had lunch. Our guide said, "You can see 10 castles during the ferry ride later. If your eyesight is good, probably 12. You may see 20 castles if you have too much wine during lunch." 

Enjoying the lush greenery of the countryside on a chairlift while anticipating the sight of River Rhine

Descending on Assmannshäusen with River Rhine in front and vineyard on the right

Zooming in on Castle Rheinstein on the opposite bank of River Rhine

Assmannshäuser Höllenberg (Hell Mountain) vineyard

"Singapore girl, you're a great way to fly" - guess their occupation :)

Reached the town below safe and sound after a wonderful ride

"Eingang zur Seilbahn" - Entrance to cable car

Moving through the small alleys lined by hotels, guesthouses and taverns

One of the nicest looking hotels in town - Alte Bauernschänke

Quaint old tavern partially covered by vine

Trying to make sense of where I was but to no avail. I can't read German sign.

A landmark of Assmannshäusen - Krone, a half-timbered guesthouse by the river

A famous 19th century German poet, Ferdinand Freiligrath, was once a guest of Krone

River Rhine ferry

Cormorants sun-basking on rocks as the river water rushed by. 

Major Rhine River floods were marked on this wall. The worst flood was recorded in 1882.

How could there be no wine tasting when you are in a wine town? My first step to getting wasted.

Two shots left but I was not drunk. There was too little alcohol in the drinks to make me drunk, zum Wohl.

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