Saturday, July 06, 2013


In a big flat pan was Spanish fried rice covered by plentiful seafood and chicken meat. A plate of Paella Valenciana, which is what it is called, came with a handsome serving of prawn, mussels, clams, squid and a lemon wedge to remove the fishy taste. All the goodness in the ingredients was well absorbed by the rice. This was accomplished by covering the cooking pan with aluminium foil and allowing the rice to simmer in a broth until cooked. I watched them cook as I ate standing. It was a food and beer fare, there wasn't many sitting places. One serving costs 8.50€ but an additional deposit of 2€ was required to make sure you return the plate. Business was brisk. A big pan of rice was sold out as fast as it took me to polish up my plate.

Paella Valenciana. Delicioso!


  1. Reading your description, seeing the photo, and then thinking about what I have in my own refrigerator is so depressing.

    I know what new recipe I should try next!

    1. Hope it inspires you to come out with more delicious dishes