Sunday, May 09, 2010

장미꽃 가든

Roses start to bloom in early summer or in June. The Rose Garden in Seoul Grand Park has so many varieties of roses that I am not too sure if I have covered 50% of them in the pictures below. Though I am no fan of roses, I do like their names. Names like blue moon, summer wind and peace.

Rose Garden in Seoul Grand Park

Bridal Pink (United States)

Blue Moon (Germany)

Burgund' 81 (Germany)

Charleston (France)

For Shin' 82 (Germany)

Freute (France)

Gallivallda (France)

Gold Buny (France)

Gold Monica (Germany)

Golden Touch (Germany)

Harmonie (Germany)

Hiogi (Japan)

Ingrid Weibul (Germany)

Inka (Germany)

Landora (France)

Lavaglut (Germany)

Maria Callas (France)

Makayuki (Germany)

Minuet (France)

Niccolo Paganini (France)

Nicole (Germany)

Noblesse (Germany)

Oklahoma (United States)

Peace (France)

Pink Peace (France)

Princess de Monaco (France)

Queen Elegabeth (United States)

Saiun (Japan)

Summer Wind (Germany)

Tchin-Tchin (France)

Tineke (Netherlands)

Tokimeki (Japan)


  1. Hi, like to ask for your comment on SKS. SKS will be moving to the new campus @ Bukit Timah in Sep'10, i think... Im wondering if it would be better to continue with SKS or perhaps with NUS extension which is more centrally located. Tks.

  2. I left SKS and NEX many years ago. I don't know about their recent developments, so I'm afraid I may not be able to comment.

    If you don't mind, you can read my post on SKS and NEX, which I believe is probably outdated by now.