Saturday, May 08, 2010


Going to school in spring was a wonderful experience. The cool weather was refreshing, blooming flowers were everywhere, school was abound with activities and I felt like I was charged everyday.

Below is a group of pictures which I didn't manage to upload last spring. Spring was a busy season, you know.

School's main gate was blocked off to traffic for one full day for Street Cultural Festival.

This is a 'lioness' that is supposed to 'fight' a lion (See the next picture to get what I mean). It is 'heavyweight' for sure.

'Lion' and 'lioness' pushing against each other. The winner is the one that forces the other party to move backward. If I am not wrong, this activity originates from Japan.

Cheering supporters

Festival crowd

Banners showing the events on each day during the festival week

Gaint inflatable slide. You will find this sort of slide in many festivals.


Water bomb game with 'live' targets

You are supposed to kick a ball and the board which the ball hits is your prize. Prizes include sweet, sausage, bun, cookies, 1,000won note, mini fan, drink, soju and free hug. Not very attractive though.

A show of esprit de corps

Mass dancing to the tune of Korean folk song

Sparkle Sparkle 샤방샤방

Cheerleaders performance

Open concert for families and students

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