Thursday, February 28, 2008

결말이 된다

I think it's time to end my "Winter Wander" series. It all started late November last year when I flew to Seoul hoping to witness the “first snow” for the winter. Unfortunately, it fell days before I departed from Singapore. Then I thought, perhaps I should still be lucky to catch sight of snowing. During my two-week stay in Seoul, not a single flake of snow fell from the sky despite outdoor temperature holding at sub-zero degrees for many days. The very day which the weather forecast predicted high probability of precipitation turned out to be a rainy day instead. But as a consolation, snow finally came on the morning of my departure from Seoul. So these were about all the misses. As for the gains, I got to meet Kaye (a stranger minutes before we met), got a free lunch from Ms Cheon (my Korean teacher in Kyunghee), bought my e-dictionary, spoke to taxi ajeosshi in Korean, ate Dunkin’s Donut for lunch and gimbab for dinner and best of all, got to “hibernate” for long hours in the guesthouse’s bed. Amidst these gains and misses, I shall pull down the closing curtain. For a while, I was thinking how I should end this. Should I end it with a “big bang” or just let thing fade away quietly? Though I prefer the latter, I shall still post the last two photos of my trip that best depict these two endings. Until next time, that's all ^^

Cinderella musical performance at the Lotte World Amusement Park

The Coffee Bean outlet at the Seoul Olympics Park


  1. winter wonder의 시리스를 마무리하는 게 시간이 딱 맞네~ 여기 겨울이 거의 다 끝났으니까... ^^

  2. 겨울이 거의 다 끝나다고 그 말은 이유 중의 하나예요. 또 이제 시간이 없고 더 이상은 못 하니까 그렇게 멈추기 했어 :(