Sunday, March 02, 2014


If you are here because you are looking for Korean greetings then you are probably on the wrong page.

We like to think of greeting as good manner, something positive and socially pleasant. But sometimes, it may not be what we think it should be...

"Greeting" #1
Simon arrived at the office and saw his colleague Peter reading the newspaper at his desk.
Simon: Good morning, Peter.
Peter: What is so good about morning? Can you explain to me?
Simon: .....

"Greeting" #2
It was 6:30am in the morning, Daisy was sipping her coffee in a coffee shop when she saw Mary.
Daisy: Hello Mary, you're early.
Mary: I'm already late. Early, early your head lah!
Daisy: .....

"Greeting" #3
An old man got on a bus and saw an old friend sitting at the rear.
Old man: Hello, long time no see.
Old friend: Really long time no see. You're not dead yet?
Old man: .....

Well, if you ask me, there is something in life one doesn't need to be too creative about and greeting is one of them.

오랜만이어서 글을 올린 김에 인사를 드려야 지 싶다. 비가 없는 건조한 3월 첫 일요일 꼭 잘 보내세요. 봄이 다가오니까.

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