Monday, December 10, 2012

살고 있는 곳

A famous quote from the Korean movie "Architecture 101" - "자기가 살고 있는 곳에 대해 애정을 가지고 이해를 시작하는 것, 이게 바로 건축학개론의 시작입니다."(When you begin to understand and have feeling for the place you live in, that's the start of architecture 101.)

I don't think this quote applies only to architecture students, it is applicable to everyone. We should all understand and develop feeling for the place where we live, work, play, interact and love. What eventually comes out of it is beauty - the beauty of our living space.

There was a time when building was built to last.

Building with curved corner is rare these days.

Bird cage is now an ornamental piece. The birds are free at last.

What was once a wooden staircase inside a house is reused as part of a decor.

A pot of green plant is all that is required to liven up a run-down back alley.

Behind the spalled concrete wall is a new owner.

The shop has seen better days. Tri-circle lock and the teal green paint are so 70s.

The once ubiquitous hand-made mailbox is moving into history

The glory days of books and prints are over or are they?

Be a vintage but don't fade into history.

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