Wednesday, November 24, 2010

이화마을 - 동네

Ewha Village, a residential area in Seoul, is located at the foot of 'Naksan' (낙산, 駱山) and next to Daehangno (대학로, 大學路). The nearest subway station is 'Hyehwa' station (혜화역, 惠化驛). Its proximity to Daehangno, best known for its many small art theatres and vibrant cultural scene,  created an ideal situation for it to take on some artistic touch.

Painting found on a wall in the neighbourhood of Ewha Village. The painting depicts a shy fairytale-like couple sitting on a tree while squirrels and cicada look on.

This is another part of the above painting depicting a village and its people in some far far away land. I like the blue sky and white clouds in the painting. 
A wall pasted with coloured tiles. The tiles act more like 'post-its'.

A closer look at the messages written on the tiles. Written on the blue tile,  11 Nov is Pepero Day. On the yellow tiles, four girls, calling themselves beauties, visited the place on 6 Oct 2010

A mama ladybird meter

A baby ladybird meter

A family of ladybirds which are actually meters

A large Morning Glory 'grown' over a pink wall

A drawn hat 'hangs' over the door

A full view of the two pictures above

The other side of the pink house which is missed out in above picture.

A dog standing precariously on a beam over the side of Naksan

Even road signs are interesting in Ewha Village. The sign above says 'children protected zone'.


  1. This entry really made my day :) i would really love to visit this village someday.