Wednesday, September 08, 2010

상해세박회 (上海世博會)

There wasn't much time to do much but no matter what, I couldn't leave Shanghai without visiting the World Expo. All I had was half a Saturday at the expo which was badly inadequate. Anyway, it was better than nothing.

Anyone who visit the expo for the first time should buy themselves an expo passport so that you can collect all the different country chops. Also, don't forget to get a small foldable stool because you will need it while waiting in the long queue that can last for hours.

Joining half a million of people for a piece of action at the expo isn't a joke. The first thing you have to be very familiar with is queue. There is a queue outside every pavilion, the only difference is the length. It was said the queue outside Saudi Arabia pavilion could be as long as 8 hours. At Japan pavilion, the queue was 5 hour long. Anyway, the length of wait at each pavilion is broadcast at regular intervals.

If queuing is not enough, you will have to learn to squeeze into the shuttle bus. But the good thing is interval between buses is very short, about a minute only. I cannot imagine waiting very long under the blazing hot sun. Even though free fan was given away at the bus stop for us to do some self-help, I could still feel my energy being slowly zapped away by the heat. As the weather was hot, it would have been better if I had worn a cap and brought along a large water bottle.

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