Tuesday, February 09, 2010

마지막 커피

Enjoying a cup of hot mocha while looking out at the rain-soaked Myeongdong street. I was fortunate to have escaped into the cafe before the chilly spring rain started falling.

The main street of Myeongdong looks quite empty as it was still early in the afternoon. By about five, carts and crowd will start appearing from nowhere and fill up the street in a flash.

This was my last cup of coffee at Caffe Pascucci, Myeongdong. The cafe has since given way to Nature Republic, a beauty products chain. Everything is memory now.


  1. Was the Nature Republic just beside Myeongdong Subway? Last Sept when I was there, I saw big wallpaper of Rain on the shopfront. I missed the times at Myeongdong..


  2. Yes, that's the one. Rain was 'selling' polynesia lagoon water then, lol.

  3. the cafe looks nice. I read an article talking about how certain kinds of businesses are complementary in Korea and are usually found near each other. 커피숍 and 오니기리 stores are one of them. Is that true? haha XD

  4. hm... i didn't notice such pairing. the places i saw onigiri being sold are convenience stores though coffee shops are everywhere.

    however, i do find that you are quite likely to find a baskin-robbins near a dunkin' donuts. perhaps, i am more interested in donuts and ice cream than onigiri :D