Wednesday, February 24, 2010

사랑의 나무

I thought the picture is interesting. On closer look, there are 3 types of men and 3 types of women in love. For men, the guy who is nearest to love is a two-timer, the next is a back-stabber and the furthest away is one who hopes. This seems to fit the belief that 'bad guys' get their women while 'honest guys' can only hope.

For women, the one who get closest to love is one who believes and works hard for it, the next has a mind pre-occupied with fear and worry while the last believes love comes easily. It is not too difficult to see that all women are drawn higher than their male counterparts. The artist is, perhaps, saying that women tend to know love better than men. At least, the least hardworking woman still thought of using a ladder and long stick to reach for love.

Anyway, no matter where you think you are on the tree, there is one Korean proverb that says it best, "짚신도 제짝이 있다" (Even straw shoes have matching pairs) which means every Jack has his Jill. While some may not find it absolutely true but at least it sounds encouraging. Everyone need a bit of encouragement every now and then.

"짚신도 제짝이 있다"라는 속담이 완전 맘이 드네


  1. I've read this comic before, but I never put so much thought towards interpreting the male-female stereotypes in it. Haha, it seems like I should start reading comics more deeply. :)

    By the way, I was wondering if you read comics often?

  2. Very good interpretation of yours.I'm on far below looking high.You know..the height often scares people off.Shamefully,I'm that kind.

    Just curious,where are you in this picture ?


  3. @Jibril,
    Yes, it's kinda popular in the internet.
    I don't have a habit of reading comics.

    I thought it's unnecessary to pass a judgment on yourself. There is nothing wrong.

    Where am I in the picture? I am the tree ^^