Wednesday, June 18, 2008

연극은 성공

The last day of term in SKS has never been so stressful. All Korean classes in SKS were required to stage a performance yesterday. I think the scale of the event is unprecedented. As far as I can recall, cultural events in SKS don't usually involve a lot of preparations and efforts. But this time round, things are quite different. Many of the classes came prepared with costumes, stage props and makeup. In order to ensure that there would be enough time for every class to perform, the cultural event commenced at 7:30pm instead of the usual 8:00pm. Guess what? At 7:30pm, our class was still outside the school auditorium rehearsing our script. That only shows how last minute we were in our preparation. There is only one expression that best described my feeling then - 너무 떨었어요.

Our script was taken from episode 14 of the Korean drama "My Lovely Samsoon". Our teacher "spoon-fed" us with the script since none of us knew any better what we should do for the cultural event. The main difficulty of reading the Korean script was that it was so colloquial and quite unlike the conversational style which we were taught during lesson. For example, lesson don't teach us how to scold others but the script does. It took me quite a while to get over the difficulty of reading colloquial Korean but once that was done, I thought acting in colloquial Korean was quite an interesting experience. I would have probably enjoyed myself if our teacher had no expectation or whatsoever. But from my observation, our teacher was actually quite worried about our performance yesterday.

Being the most "advanced" class in the school has both advantage and disadvantage. The disadvantage is that people will always look upon us to set the standard for our "후배" (juniors). It doesn't matter whether we think we need to fill the shoes, there is always an expectation for us to do so. Our teacher was quite mindful about this unsaid expectation, if not, she wouldn't have shown a sign of relieve when we performed well. Our class won the third prize although we didn't invest much time and effort into preparing and rehearsing for our performance. That is an advantage of being the most "advanced" class - with more experience, we can get away by doing less. Though we scored low for our effort and creativity, we made up in our Korean pronunciation. Frankly speaking, I was quite embarrassed when we won because I knew we didn't put in as much efforts as the other classes - 너무 창피해요.

With the end of the cultural event, this term has also come to an end. I am not too sure if Advanced 3 will start on 1st July as scheduled. Two of my classmates have decided to take a break, so Advanced 3 is unlikely to start unless there is infusion of "fresh blood". If there is no class, I think I shall just spend my free time preparing for TOPIK Intermediate and KLPT. Whatever happens, I just need to keep learning - 끊임없이 공부해야 겠어요. 길이 아직도 멀기 때문이에요.

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