Saturday, March 21, 2015


I have to confess I am no "expert" in Korean food. In the case of the famous Korean food "김떡순" (as in 김밥, 떡볶이 and 순대), I have never eaten the "순" despite my long stay in Korea. A colleague who was planning his upcoming Korean trip asked me for recommendation on good Korean food and I told him whatever and wherever you choose to eat, the food will likely taste good. It sounded like I was not very helpful but I really couldn't think of any special place or food in Korea that are exceptional. Every meal tasted quite alright then.

Ho Ddeok (호떡) is another food that I've never tried. It's not because one piece of this pancake contains calories equivalent to two cans of coke, I was just not curious about food in general. Maybe I should add I'm not adventurous with food.

What is Ho Ddeok? I think it should taste like "ham jin peng". That's my best effort, seriously.

I used to patronise a chicken steak house outside my campus frequently. There were only two dishes in its menu - chicken steak or spicy chicken, take it or leave it. It was hardly a dilemma, I could only eat chicken steak as its spicy chicken could set off the fire alarm. When it comes to food, I guess, less (choice) is better for me.

At 닭터 (Dr.), chicken steak or spicy chicken? 늘 chicken steak!

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