Sunday, March 04, 2012

가수 못지않음

Not all singers can sing and not all non-singers can't sing. There are many people around us whom we think should have become singer but who never will. It is always a joy to hear them sing because they don't release albums nor stage performance frequently.

Shin Bora is a Korean comedienne or gag woman. She is a regular in the KBS2's programme "Gag Concert" which is aired every Sunday night. Every week, viewers are entertained by how she or her partner insists on a break up for some of the silliest reason out there in the segment "The Discovery of Life". It is quite well-known that she has a good vocal but it is not until I heard her sang seriously in Yu Huiyeol's Sketchbook that I am smitten by her voice.

Shin Bora singing Kim Yeon Woo's "I love you is a common word" 

Lee Hana is a Korean actress. She made her debut in one of my favourite Korean drama "Alone in Love" as the quirky sister of Son Ye-jin. She is one of those people whom you will want to say, "You should have been a singer." She has a melodious voice which is rare in the K-pop scene. I kinda suspect people will remember her more for her singing than her acting. Life is full of ironies.

Lee Hana singing Janis Ian's Grammy award winning song "At Seventeen"


  1. I don't easily like a Korean celebrity but Lee Hana stole my heart.I've been watching her video where she sings and I also thought"She should be a singer and such a humble person!".She can play guitar and piano.Her dad is a song composer.She majored in Music.이하나를 너무 많이 좋아해요.

  2. Hi 칼라,

    이하나 is indeed talented.