Friday, November 16, 2007


PPokki are Korean sugar cookies. I think they are made from malt sugar. One thing special about these cookies is that they have their centre cut out in the shape of heart, star or crescent moon. I saw them being sold in Myeongdong but have yet to try them. Look like junk food to me. Anyway, PPokki cookies are the inspiration behind the PPokki Friends cartoon characters and I was introduced to them when I bought a notebook with these characters on its cover at the Kyunghee University stationery shop.

The above picture is the cover of my notebook. The character with the heart shape is called Lo-PPo (러뽀) and sound like "Love". I have inserted the English translation into the picture. Lo-PPo is a character which carries a red-hot passion. His passion is so hot that people choose to keep a distance from him. Because of that, he is often hurt by what he sees as people giving him a cold shoulder.

By the way, PPokki is the cookie with the star shape at its centre. All its friends are shown below.

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