Wednesday, February 01, 2012

꽁꽁 얼어있음

체감 온도가 급히 떨어지는 상태 물레방아에 길게 얼어붙은 고드름이 꽃처럼 활짝 피었던 겨울. 신기하죠. 예쁘죠.


  1. Hi Equinox,

    I'm Jaja from M'sia. Been following your blog for few years already but mostly as a silent reader :)

    I love your pictures! Beautiful!

    Actually, I would like to ask you how did you learn Korean vocabs? Do you have any specific method? As of now, I learn by reading and listening to music but I found it is not that easy. If you don't mind, could you share with us...

    TQ :)

  2. Hi Jaja,

    Thank you for visiting my blog :)

    I think reading is the best way to improve vocabs. First, you get to see the context in which the various vocabs are used. Second, it is a more interesting way to expand your vocab pool. You learn more things than just the vocab alone.

    Start by reading weather forecast in Korean. They are usually quite short and easy to digest. After that, slowly move on to entertainment news and then to social and political news. You can easily find these news in naver, daum, nate or chosun websites.