Sunday, January 02, 2011

안녕 2011

Hello friends and strangers, Happy New Year! It is another year. I hope we are all wiser by a year, but the bad news is, we are also closer to the end by one year. As they say, you gain some, you lose some.

I do not believe in making new year resolutions. It is not because I do not have the resolve to achieve anything, rather, I do not think life should be led based on a list of checkboxes. So what if I have all the checkboxes ticked at the end of the year? Am I a better and happier person than the year before? What about the things I lose in the process? Checkboxes do not seem to take care of that. All said, I still do believe in making some plans so that I know where I should head toward.

I managed to watch "Hello Stranger" over this long new year holiday. It is a Thai romantic flick made in Korea and it is slowly gaining popularity through words of mouth here. Thailand is better known for its horror flicks but "Hello Stranger" is about to make change to this long-held impression of movies from the land of thousand smiles. The storyline revolves around two strangers who fell in love in Korea after being dumped by their lovers. Since they did not know each other's real name, they greeted each other, "hello, stranger" or in Thai's pronunciation - "In Dee Tee My Rojak". You will hear more of this expression in the 1st music video below.

After the show, a question suddenly popped up in my mind - what is the difference between friend and stranger? Sometimes, friend feels like stranger while stranger feels like friend. In some instances, I felt I have more things to talk about with a stranger than a friend. I think it could be that stranger is not likely to carry any bias of me and so, I may be less inhibited to reveal some of my innermost feeling. So, have you ever wonder why some people would rather call up some strangers in the radio station to talk about their problems than to discuss them with their family members or close friends?

Definition-wise, friend and stranger are as different as day and night but feeling-wise, I cannot differentiate both clearly. What this means is, even if you do not know my real name, we can still be good friend. "In Dee Tee My Rojak" ^^

Two very nice music videos from the movie, "Hello Stranger".

ยินดีที่ไม่รู้จัก (pronounced "In Dee Tee My Rojak"), Hello Stranger

รักไม่ต้องการเวลา, Love does not need time


  1. i loved that movie! xD it made me look at korea from a different perspective. i agree with you about how sometimes strangers feel more like friends. personally i find it very awkward to let my 'real friends' find out about my blog etc but i have no problems with talking to online friends about learning korean etc etc.

  2. the movie is great. the guy is so so funny XD *laugh until i tear*