Sunday, January 31, 2010

시선을 끌음

Walking the alleys of Samcheongdong can be quite an inspiring experience. The shop owners take great effort to do up their shops and because of that, every shop comes with its own unique character. Here, you have a cafe called "Ice Sand". I am quite curious about the origin of the word "ice sand" though I know it means shaved ice. Anyway, the tricycle which was used to carry the menu board caught my attention. Though a simple decor concept, I have never seen such a presentation anywhere else.

I know herbs are good for health but I don't quite know what they are actually good for. Here is something that was of some help - a herb's timetable. Lavender is good for calming nerves and making you sleep well. Rosemary helps to elevate your mind so that you can remain caffeine free. Camomile aids digestion after a heavy lunch and peppermint gives you energy at the end of a tiring day. Leading a daily life surrounded by herbs sounds refreshing.


  1. Koreans have such a knack for making everything adorable!

  2. what an interesting place filled with all creative and beautiful.Cafes in my place are all alike,with little efforts to personalize.

    Good share ^^ thanks


  3. @Jibril, 그런 것 같아요.

    @Comet, 아닙니다.